World Compliments Day

Created in 2003 in the Netherlands, this day was intended by its initiators to be “the most positive day in the world”.
Human beings need recognition

The principle is simple: human beings need recognition, to be valued in order to feel good. So it’s up to each of us to pay a compliment to our neighbor, colleague or family member, or why not to the first person we meet while running an errand or waiting in line at a public service.
Positive days

The attentive reader of this site will certainly have noticed that there are other “positive” and “free” days during the year, which have nothing to defend but the betterment of all. World Day of Kindness, World Day of Courtesy at the Wheel, International Hug Day… one wonders where this need to recreate links between us all comes from, in a society where only performance seems to be valued and commodified?